The SECOLINK Voucher WLCT is a 20-character code for SECOLINK prepaid service. It activates an alarm system control via internet by using the SECOLINK PRO app. Service provided by using the cloud ALARMSERVER.NET. The service will be activated when you enter the 20-character Voucher code next to the registered alarm system in your ALARMSERVER.NET account. After activation, the SECOLINK PRO app can fully control the alarm system via internet. One activation is required for one alarm system and dozens of users can control the system by using Android or iOS smart devices.

Download voucher activation instruction


  • Arming / disarming, bypassing zones
  • Real-time system status monitoring
  • Receiving a push notification when an event occurs: alarm, trouble, status change
  • Technical information: PGM, fixed temperature of a sensor (BP2, BT1)


  • communicators: GSV5, GSV7, GSVU, GSV6U, GSV0e, GSV0q, GSV0c, GSV0e4, GSV0g, GSVPg, GSV6g, GSV4B, LAN800, WL800
  • control panels: S16cmR, S16gmR, S16cm, S16gm, S32cmR, S32gmR, S32cm, S32gm

Secolink ships products to most of the locations worldwide. Standard delivery takes 3-6 business days within the EU and 5-15 business days to other countries.