The LT5 is a portable, long-range remote control for use with P-series and S-series control panels or PAS-series control panels with the EXT116S expansion module connected to the system bus. Advanced radio technology ensures reliable operation and a control distance of up to 100 metres within a building. The remote control uses two-way communication technology, so the user can find out whether the alarm system has been successfully armed, as well as the status of the alarm system and the arming mode. The remote control can be used to control devices connected to the PGM outputs of the system (e.g. to control automatic garage doors).

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  • Arming the system in different arming modes (Away, Stay, Night, Max Away)
  • Disarming the system and clearing the alarm
  • Status query (armed / disarmed)
  • PGM output control (e.g. to control automatic garage doors)
  • Emergency alarm activation (audible / silent panic, fire or medical alarm)


  • 868 MHz radio frequency
  • Encrypted communication with a receiver
  • Communication distance in a building up to 100 m
  • Button to choose arming mode and to arm: button "A"
  • Button to disarm a system: button "D"
  • Additional buttons to control the system: buttons "G" and "E"
  • Button to send a command and to get a status of the alarm system: button "S"
  • RGB LED for indication
  • Low battery indication
  • Battery: CR2032, 3V
  • Overall dimensions W x H x L in mm: 33 x 73 x 11
  • Operating temperature: -10˚C up to +50˚C


  • P-series control panels: P16, P32, P64
  • S-series control panels: S16cm, S16em, S16eT, S16eJ, S32em, S32eT, S32eJ
  • Expansion module: EXT116S


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